The TMAC Safeair Ventilation Fan (Patent Pending) was developed and perfected over a period of 5 years to address the glaring need for a viable and efficient high powered ventilation system for the swift dispersal of lingering poisonous gases and associated odours in enclosed farming and livestock areas.

The TMAC Safeair Ventilation Fan was designed and perfected by Latton Engineering of Castleblayney, Co. Monaghan, Ireland after years of experience also working in and around the slurry pit and slatted shed environments clearly indicated that a better solution was needed to address the elimination of poisinous gases and odours. These deadly gases emanate from decomposing slurry matter associated with livestock houses and underground tanks and are a deadly hidden danger for all farmers and farm personnel.

The TMAC Safeair Ventilation Fan is fitted retrospectively to any existing slurry agitator. The unit is highly mobile as it can be coupled to any tractor or farm vehicle once a hydaulic supply is present. The beauty of this system is that it is available exactly when and where it is needed – namely with the slurry agitator expelling toxic gases immediately as they arise.

The installation of the TMAC Safeair Ventilation Fan helps ensure that your livestock sheds , storage tanks and enclosed farmyard and livestock environs are much safer places as you and your farming colleagues to go about your daily routine.