“Thorough ventilation at slat level must be provided in all houses. If this cannot be done through large doors at each end fans should be used such as the TMAC Safeair Ventilation Fan. Figures confirm that one of the principal danger points is when the pump operator checks on mixing inside the house..........The new TMAC Safeair Ventilation Fan is intended to reduce gas levels in this area.”
Farmers Journal 20 December 2014

“The TMAC Safeair Ventilation Fan did significantly lower the concentration of hydrogen sulphide in the air during slurry agitation. In one of the tests the use of the fan reduced the gas level from an average 54 parts per million (ppm) to 10 ppm in a matter of seconds, a drop of 83% on average.......The TMAC Safeair Ventilation Fan makes a very promising contribution to significantly lowering a widespread farm safety risk. ”
Extract of report by Dr. James Browne and Dr. Peter Frost, Northern Ireland Agri Food and Bio Sciences Institute.

“I have been trialing the TMAC Safeair Ventilation Fan for nearly a year now and it has made a huge difference to safety when it comes to slurry agitation. The fan unit is easy to use, its reliable, its fast and it gives me great peace of mind.”
Brian Elliot, Agri Contractor, Co Monaghan.

“I would highly recommend the TMAC Safeair Ventilation Fan to anybody working in an enclosed cattle shed where there is very little ventilation and  where dangerous slurry gases build up.  Safety practices must always be observed but the TMAC Safeair Ventilation Fan works fantastically well to expel those dangerous gases quickly to greatly reduce the risks involved when agitating slurry. 10 out of 10 as far as I’m concerned.”
Kevin Murphy,  Murphy  Agri Contracts, Silverbridge, Co Armagh.